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Hi, I'm David

As a SDG Promoter and activist of the french peace mouvement I am touring around the world on a solar powered bike since 2018 (more than 40,000 km). The slogan of my campagne is: Don't Bank the Bomb - Bank on the Climate

I shared a vision for creating a fossil-fuel free future with an green efficient way of transportation.  I am French and also speak English and Spanish fluently, with a master degree of science in Green Energies for Developing Countries. 

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To be able to live in peace

Book by David Ligouy

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To be able to live on earth

Book by David Ligouy

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My currant goal is to produce an Open Source Electric Bicycle Kit for Mexico

Transport is one of the sectors with the greatest potential to apply simple measures, contributing one quarter of total emissions in Mexico. A proposal is being developed that considers a strategy based on economic, social, solidarity, ecological, democratic, fair, inclusive (gender equality) transport and developed through the establishment of strategic partnership.

General goal of the project

Promote the use of electric kit for bicycles in Mexico as the first option for personal transportation within an urban micro-mobility system as a fast, economical, accessibleand inclusive action to contribute to the urgent need to reduce Green-House-Gas emission forthe Planet.

Particular goals of the project

8,000 electric bicycles kits for Mexico.

Manuals and videos for self-training in, integration, preventive service, and repair.

Free specifications and construction plans of solar charging station.

According to the last IPCC report on solutions, Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change, we have around 600 days to inverse CO2 emissions curve (2025) and then 5 years to decrease our emissions by 50% (2030). 2/3 of the emissions are coming from transportation and electricity generation. We need to act quickly, on a large scale with simple idea. #bankontheclimate is pushing forward the idea of an opensource electrical kit for bike. The main Goal is to do fundraising across USA to be able to develop this open source electric kit open with self guidance material for construction and maintenance, accessible to everybody. Electrify and innovate now. Everyone has to take his financial responsibility

David Ligouy

Members of the Project Group 

Oficina de Desarrollo Tecnológico Disruptivo, S. de R.L. de C.V.

Manufacturing Solutions LLC. 

National Institute for Electricity and Clean Energies (Instituto Nacional de Electricidad y Energías Limpias-INEEL)

Mouvement de la Paix 

Women Network on Energy-Mexico (Red de Mujeres enEnergía México–RMEM)

Other collaborators: 

Centro de Capacitacion e Investigacion Electrica 

Renewable Energy Institute (Instituto de Energías Renovables–IER/UNAM)

Autonomus University of Morelos State (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos–UAEM)

Emiliano Zapata Technological University (Universidad Tecnológica Emiliano Zapata-UTEZ)

Politechnic University of the Morelos State (Universidad Politécnica del Estado deMorelos–UPEMOR)

Sustainable Development Secretariat of the Morelos State Gouvernment 

Contact Information:

David Ligouy - national and international promotion

+1 831 794 3501

Nora Rocío Pérez Flores - project manager and international relations 

+52 7771412247

Félix Loyola Morales - technological coordinator of the project

+52 777 2312695

Step 1 - proof of concept

  • Prototype INEEL
  • 10 kit of conversion
  • Design of chargeing station
  • Bases to implementin more communities
  • Audiovisual material develpment to promote the project
  • Production of training videos for the convertion of bike
  • Development of training manuals (for bike conversion)

Step 2 - 7 target communities in Morelos

  • Development of “pilots” in 7 target communities: IER, UAEM, UPEMOR, UTEZ, State Government and 2 communities in the Stateof Morelos.
  • Delivery of plans and specifications of the charging station and invitation to build it.
  • Review, feedback and updating of videos and manuals.
  • Production of videos and training manuals for the maintenance and repair of electric bicycles.
  • Development of 70electric kit for bicycles for the target communities

Step 3 - Expansion in the State

  • 80 bicycles per target community
  • Construction of a charging station in each target community
  • Review, feedback and up dating of videos, service and maintenance manuals
  • Diffusion of achievements

Step 4 - National Reach

  • Extension of the program to 100 communities in the country
  • Final Goal 8,000 bicycles in the country
  • Integration and dissemination of national achievements
  • Search for international partners