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Introducing David Ligouy, Climate Champion: Traveling the World by Solar-assisted Cycle

David Ligouy is a French writer and climate champion who is very concerned, as we all should be, with global climate change, loss of biodiversity, and nuclear weapons. He earned a master’s of science degree specializing in renewable energy technology for developing countries.

At 54 years old, he is a member of the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Le Mouvement de la Paix (Peace) which originated during the French Resistance in WW2. This organization has had recent success being a part of the impetus behind the Treaty of Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons ban on January 22, 2021. The campaign was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. The campaign was called “Don’t Bank on the Bomb.” Nuclear weapons are now illegal according to international law, although they are still being financed (about USD100 billion/year). Having achieved that victory, Ligouy has initiated two new campaigns, “Bank on Biodiversity,” and “Bank on Climate'' to secure both peace and planet.

Presently, Ligouy is in his 6th year riding a solar panel-powered electric-assist trike (3-wheeled recumbent tricycle) worldwide (30 countries, 5 continents to date). He attended COP28 (UN Conference of Parties 28) on Climate Change in Dubai and will ride next to COP29 in Azerbaijan. His main objective is to raise public awareness of the critical situation of biodiversity loss and global climate change. He connects with and supports global youth who will suffer the most severe consequences.

In December 2022, David was a journalist at Montreal’s World Politicians and Expert Speakers UN Biodiversity Summit (COP15) with the extraordinary result of a commitment of USD700 billion/year to protect biodiversity, a great success for the “Bank on Biodiversity” campaign. Additionally, a Global Biodiversity Framework for Biodiversity (Decision 15/4) was signed by all the countries (except the USA)

This huge success led to the following:

Target 18-Decision 15/4 - Identify by 2025, and eliminate, phase out or reform incentives - including subsidies, harmful for biodiversity, in a proportionate, just, fair, effective and equitable way - while substantially and progressively reducing them by at least $500 billion per year by 2030. Even if the implementation of this target is a bit slow, it is already a great victory.

Ligouy attended COP28 in Dubai where he advocated for the provision in section 28 ( h): : “Eliminate inefficient fossil fuel subsidies that do not address energy poverty or just transitions, as soon as possible” Already more than 12 environmental minister ( including Canada and France ) have signed a joint statement to remove toxic subsidies for fossil fuel. Dutch-led coalition moves to phase out fossil fuel subsidies at COP28 . Provision 28(h) is a victory for Ligouy:

2024 is a critical turning point to stop growing CO2 emissions. Re-purposing tax dollar subsidies is a top priority for Ligouy. He targets inefficient subsidies of about USD2.2 trillion/year on the part of China, USD760 billion/year on the part of USA, and USD340 billion/year on the part of India.

Additionally, section 28(a) triples green energy and doubles efficiency by 2030. To finance this, the Global South needs USD5.7 trillion/year starting in 2024 (see sections 67 and 68) which can be realized by diverting USD7 trillion/year of inefficient subsidies as see section 28 (h) above.


Here is an additional outcome of COP28: 28 (g) “Accelerating the reduction of emissions from road transport on a range of pathways, including through development of infrastructure and rapid deployment of zero-and low-emission vehicles.” Ligouy promotes solar-e-kit for bikes as the most efficient way to reduce GHG (Green House Gas) on a large scale. It is easy to design and convert bikes. This collaborative website explains the conversion process and Ligouy conducts free workshops for organizations which promotes open source production line of e-kits for bikes for low income people. He considers these actions a critical part of creating a regenerative and redistributive economy for people and planet.

David Ligouy is a compelling speaker and is available for media interviews in French, Spanish or English. He has authored a three book series called “On The Front Line with a Solar Bike” available at in French and Spanish, and the last volume “Able to Be Human” in English. These books are also available on Kindle or Paperback on Amazon.

Ligouy is presently in India and starting his Asia tour, which includes Bangladesh and China, on his new solar tandem trike “IBN Battuta,”.

David Ligouy contact information WhatsApp:(+33) 6 77 87 02 93 India +91 9136 90 12 53

To be able to live in peace

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To be able to live on earth

Book by David Ligouy

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According to the last IPCC report on solutions, Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change, we have around 500 days to inverse CO2 emissions curve (2025) and then 5 years to decrease our emissions by 50% (2030). 2/3 of the emissions are coming from transportation and electricity generation. We need to act quickly, on a large scale with simple idea. #bankontheclimate is pushing forward the idea of an opensource electrical kit for bike. The main Goal is to do fundraising across USA to be able to develop this open source electric kit open with self guidance material for construction and maintenance, accessible to everybody. Electrify and innovate now. Everyone has to take his financial responsibility

David Ligouy

Contact Information:

David Ligouy - national and international promotion

WhatsApp:(+33) 6 77 87 02 93

India +91 9136 90 12 53